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Microfiber Household Helpers, microfiber cloth, microfiber hand duster,Microfiber Mops, 

Microfiber Hairtowels   

Microfiber Cleaning Products-Our Story

What sets Eco Easy Microfiber Products apart from the microfiber sold in retail is our microfiber is a super fine blend of 70% polyester and 30% polymide using a heat melding process that gives the product a smooth, non-abrasive texture with a thick paper - like feel until wet - then it becomes soft, pliable, and lint free!

The Eco Easy Products will save you time, money, energy:

 TIME Wet - Wipe - Walk away!

MONEY -  Washable / Re-usable never buy cleaning or paper products again! Cleans with just water!

ENERGY - Just wipe & go quick and easy!

You can use Eco Easy Products on virtually any surface - will not  scratch or spot or streak!!!!

All you use is Water to clean anything

Commercial to Residential.......

                   * glass mirrors, windows
                   * stainless steel, flat stove tops
                   * granite counter tops,
                   * wood, tile, ceramic surfaces
                   * computers, electronics
                   * LCD flat screen TV
                   * cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes
                   * much more 

                      Removes anything with JUST WATER!!!!!
* oil                * tar
    * grease      * dust 
                      * film            * fingerprints
                 * bugs         * soap scum
                * dirt             * hair spray

              * EVEN BACTERIA *