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Our university has been using the microfiber cloths from Eco Easy Products for approximately 5 years. The cloths are extremely durable and used in many areas across campus. Also, the cloths are very cost-effective


My grandma passed away and at her service I shared to everyone that my grandma enjoyed using the cloths and said that she thought everyone should have one and she used it everyday. She ask that I mention this at her funeral and I promise her that I would so I'm sharing this from her heart to yours.

Love, Grandma

I purchased the cloths to try on my aircraft windows. I have been flying several hundred hours a year, and am very impressed how well they work cleaning bugs off. I was pretty skeptical when I got them, but this is all I use anymore. GREAT PRODUCTS!


Amazing cloth that cleans mirrors, windows, appliances, iPads, computer screens with only water and no streaking! Eliminates needs for all commercial cleaning and paper products! Safe for everything so cleaning time is so much quicker!


I used this cloth on my motorcycle and was amazed how it took the bugs and road grime off. I'll never use anything else! AWESOME PRODUCTS!


I bought my first 2 cloths at the Burlington, Iowa home show. No more streaks on my Granite countertops! Used them on windows and they, too are sparkling clean. What a great product!

Thanks, Barbara

I used the cloth on all my windows and have never seen them look so wonderful!


I love your cloths, and they will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas & Gifts!


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